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Photo Assistant

Erica   Montgomery Member since:  30-Nov-2010
Phoenix  AZ  United States Last updated: 05-Nov-2017
Years experience: 6 + years
Recommended by this site:  Yes
Also available in these cities:
  Phone #1: 6024300614
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Languages: english, some spanish,

Passport: Yes    Drivers Licence: Yes
Drive Standard: Yes    Car/Van: Yes
I would love to help out on your next shoot where ever that might be... Try me to see if I am close to your location! Arizona is always homebase for me, but I am always willing to travel. Please contact me to see where I am...

I want to help your next shoot be successful. I love my job! I am willing and ready to travel at the drop of a hat. I am hard working with a smile and a can-do attitude. I can drive large trucks. I have a good sense of humor and work well with others. I have excellent local knowledge of Arizona, Oregon, California, Colorado, New York, and Wisconsin.

I also have gear for rent.
Profoto 7B, 2 heads, 22" mola beauty dish (white), 2 c-stands, 4x6 scrim with 1/4 stop, 2 sandbags, misc grip..
Please inquire for rates. Thank you.

I'm interested in working on the following types of shoots:

any location
still w/ motion

Skills Equipment

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