7 Examples of Interesting Company Profile Websites

7 Examples of Interesting Company Profile Websites, Could Be Your Inspiration

In the digital era, having a company profile website is one of the important things. Whatever type of business you have or whatever sales strategy you are pursuing, having a company profile website will be very beneficial.

One of the benefits of a company profile website is that it makes it easier for people to find your business. In addition, the existence of a website can increase the company’s popularity on the internet.

Therefore, the manufacture should not be arbitrary but must be made as attractive as possible. Here are some examples of company profile websites that you can use as inspiration. But before that, it’s good to know an explanation about the company profile website first.

Understanding Company Profile Website

A company profile website is a website that presents a detailed company or business profile, ranging from permits, products, services, vision, and mission, to company management.

With a company profile website, many benefits are obtained. Among other things, making it easier for various parties such as clients, potential customers, business partners, and potential investors to obtain information related to the company.

In addition, there are many benefits of a company profile website for a company, such as:

  • Give a general description of the company
  • Presenting information regarding products and services
  • Show Credibility
  • Open up bigger business opportunities
  • Attract customers

Best Company Profile Website Example

The main function of the company profile website is only to provide important information related to the company. However, there is nothing wrong if you design a website with an attractive and professional design.

Website design plays an important role in showing the company’s image. So, if you are still confused about how to design an attractive company profile website? In the following, Vocasia provides some examples of the best company profile websites which of course you can use as a reference in choosing or modifying a template. Let’s see them one by one!

Gojek Platform


The first example of an interesting company profile website is the Gojek profile website. With a simple, modern look using dark colors with distinctive communicative copywriting. Gojek has succeeded in creating a website that is concise and easy to access, even though it displays dense information.

In addition, this website also displays a variety of services in the form of interactive cards, which are directly linked to the link to the info page for each service.

Webiste Gates of Olympus


Website Gates of Olympus can be one of the company profile sites in the field of the online game software. It has a very simple design with a complete menu, starting from how to play, promos and bonuses, feature information, and other profitable games.

Slot Olympus is one of the best slot online games that can be found out there. Not only do they capable of making a huge profit for the players, but the game itself is also very entertaining. Developed by Pragmatic Play, Olympus Slot can be played on a worldwide scale.

On the homepage, players can immediately play the game Gates of Olympus, both the demo version and the original game using a credit balance. You have to get the same series of symbols to win the game. And there is a 24-hour live chat feature that will help solve the problems experienced by the players.

Samsung Platform


The company profile website that is no less interesting is Samsung. With a website design that is dominated by white, this website looks very simple and modern. This design also makes website visitors immediately focus on seeing the products displayed on the website.

The use of a white background really makes Samsung products stand out. In addition, the easy navigation allows visitors to immediately find what they are looking for. The Samsung website also has a chat feature located on the bottom right side.

Majoo Website


Majoo’s website can be an example of a company profile site in the field of entrepreneurial applications. The appearance of this website is designed in a minimalist manner with the dominance of light colors. The components that make up the website are also quite complete, ranging from feature information, application solutions for every type of business, and client testimonials, to CTA.

On the homepage, visitors are immediately invited to convert, simply by entering an email to try the application for free. This website also displays a Maboo company profile video at the bottom for visitors to complete an introduction to the company.

Apple Website


When you hear the word Apple, you immediately think of its elegant and luxurious products. This also applies to their profile website. Display design that uses black and white, giving the effect of dark mode and light mode at the same time.

The choice of two contrasting colors, black and white, makes Apple’s website look eye-catching and elegant. In addition, Apple designed their website with a short header height and filled with menus about the products they have. Then the placement of the apple logo itself is located on the left.

Starbucks Website


Another example of a company profile website display that is no less interesting is Starbucks. Similar to previous company profile websites, this website is also designed with a simple and modern look.

However, what is no less interesting than this website, is the layout selection which is divided into two sides, namely right and left. These two layouts are then filled with pictures and text alternately. The picture on the right, writing on the left, and vice versa.

Philips Official Website


The next example of a cool company profile website that you can use as inspiration is the Philips profile website. The display design that they make tends to be very simple, only showing large photos equipped with writing.

It can be said that the design appearance of the Philips profile website is quite unique because it is different from the profile website design in general. In addition, the advantages of this website are the selection of attractive photos and the color of each photo being different. This makes the website look very attractive and not monotonous.

McDonald's Official Website


The next example of a company profile website is Mcdonald’s. The McDonald’s profile, the website carries a simple and modern look. The placement of the navigation menu layout on the top right makes it easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for.

The components of the website content are also quite complete. Starting from company profiles, menu-related information, promos, and news articles, to a list of McD outlet locations throughout Indonesia. Interestingly, some menus contain information on the nutritional content of foods, such as total energy, fat, sugar, and sodium. In addition, this website can also place orders that are directly directed to the McDelivery website.

Understanding Adobe Illustrator

Master Adobe Illustrator, Create Stunning Design Works!

Are you in the graphic design world? Of course, you are familiar with this Adobe Illustrator application, yes. This application is very often used to design various things. You can create amazing objects just by using this app. Then, what is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a software made by Adobe company. This application has the function of creating graphic works. You can draw brushes digitally through this Adobe Illustrator application. You can explore various designs and their complete components and apply them in it.

You can create various forms of work through the Adobe Illustrator application. The works that you can make include logos, icons, illustrations, product packaging, typography, to large advertisements on billboards. It’s really interesting, isn’t it? Definitely very interesting and amazing.

You can make various designs according to your interests. For example, you want to design a beverage product to make it more attractive. You can take advantage of the various features and tools in it to create it. Adding various other objects can also be done, you know. Come on, learn the excellent features of Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator Featured Features:

Pen Tool Adobe Illustrator

1. Pen Tool

The core tool of Adobe Illustrator is called the pen tool. With the pen tool, you can draw almost any shape you can imagine. For example, you want to draw a doll. Of course, you can make it by drawing the line of the pen and directing it according to your imagination. In addition, you also need to make a concept first so that you can draw and direct the pen tool more directed.

Make sure you make the dots that are connected to form an object. There is also an option to change the sharpness of the intersection angle of your image in order to provide variations in the shape of the image. It all depends on your creation, yes.

Pathfinder Adobe Illustrator

2. Pathfinder

In addition to the pen tool, another tool that you can use for shape modification is the pathfinder. Pathfinder is used to modifying the shape of an object based on certain other objects. You can process two different shapes according to your creativity. For example, making a combination of shapes from a circle or separating the two objects into other objects. There are many variations of the pathfinder with different functions. You can modify the object into a whole piece, round, triangle, to other slice shapes according to your design needs.

Clipping Mask Adobe Illustrator

3. Clipping Mask

The way this Adobe Illustrator tool works is by duplicating the color or pattern of one object. After that, the color or pattern will be placed on another object that you have specified. You can combine them into a single unit according to a predetermined design plan.

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You can apply this when you want to create different designs creations between objects. You can be more creative with the patterns or colors that you have applied to that one object. The final design can be very stunning as long as you are good at creating good combinations of patterns or colors.

Adobe Illustrator Type

4. Type

A tool that of course should not be missed types. With this tool, you can type whatever you want. You can also set various types, sizes, and spacing between fonts. You can choose the color according to your design, yes. Then choose the type of font that matches the design object you want to create.

When you create a design that focuses on promoting something, of course, the text becomes an important part of it. Therefore, emphasize easy-to-read fonts and avoid choosing complex fonts. You can adjust to the needs and goals of the design.

Pathfinder Adobe Illustrator

5. Pattern

The next excellent tool from Adobe Illustrator is the pattern. Through this feature, you can create patterns without having to repeat certain designs. That way, your digital design process will be more efficient. You simply create an initial design or pattern based on a predetermined pattern model. Then continue by duplicating the pattern object you selected. For example, when you want to make a polka dot pattern. You don’t need to make circles one by one. Simply duplicate the polka dot pattern from one side to the other.

Well, that’s the presentation related to Adobe Illustrator. You can learn the meaning and try to find out about the application. Then you can practice the various features or tools in it. Make good use of various features, yes. Use these features according to your needs. You can also create amazing designs. Try to explore more about this application and make works according to your creative abilities. Good luck!